A Congenial Cape Cod pub with plenty of local color. It’s a friendly place for a drink, a snack or a full meal and you’ll be served by one of our professional bartenders; Chris, John, Mike, Whitney or Roger. On your own or with others, come as you are. If you want to watch “the game” there are 5 flat screen televisions, Keno and lottery tickets are available and there’s even a dart board. While in the bar you can peruse the collections of golf balls, patches and sports memorabilia.

The Patch Collection

The patch collection numbers over 4,000 and includes patches from police, firefighters, EMT’s, security and military personnel

from all over the world. Visitors to Captain Parkers view the patches and often add to the collection by mailing a patch to “The Captain” when they return home.

How did the collection get started? Next time you’re at Captain Parkers, ask the bartender. It’s a pretty good story!

The Golf Ball Collection

Every time a golfer comes through our doors we ask them to donate a golf ball to us. These golf balls have become a part of Captain Parkers itself. Just take a look at the picture to see what we mean!

We are always looking to increase our collection. Every ball has a story!

Last updated: April 3, 2018